Nuvovis Pricing

A Nuvovis user is someone in your company who creates and manages software licences. Live (Floating) Licences (see Service for details) use cloud resources and so they do have limits. For standard licences there is no limit. The Service API allows you to integrate directly with our licensing backend service - see Developers for details.

For each Portal User you can have up to 1000 Live Licences in use. Plus level is required if you plan to use the Service API. Partners pay annually and run Nuvovis licensing in their own Google Cloud environment.

Portal UsersUp to 5UnlimitedUnlimited
Live Licences1000 per user10kUnlimited
Monthly Cost$36 per user$180$360
Contact support about
the upgrade process.

Salesforce Pricing

If you use the front-end hosted in Salesforce, in addition to the Nuvovis Portal User(s) your organisation needs to have at least one Salesforce User. We support the Sales Cloud Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited products. For more information about the Salesforce products and pricing details see

Each Salesforce User which uses the Salesforce Nuvovis App and licensing service pays a monthly fee of $50. For each Portal User you can have up to 1000 Live (Floating) Licenses in use. The limits are for the whole organisation and if you have more than 5 users you can have unlimited live licenses and all your Salesforce Users can share both CRM data and Software License data.